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Rewards Distribution



Self-Service Platform - LAUNCHING SOON!

Blockchain Application Framework

Our modular framework also makes it easy to build more sophisticated enterprise-grade blockchain applications directly.

Smart contracts for common useful applications such as token distribution, marketplaces, staking, minting and more can all be managed through our platform. No code required.

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Empowering The World

Our vision is to enable innovators to impact the real world with this exciting new technology

Drasil is a comprehensive framework and set of libraries for making applications on Cardano. Drasil provides a no-code/low-code resource for innovators and projects to quickly bring their ideas to life.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses, projects and communities to create value using blockchain technology.  With our expertise and tools, we can help you generate solutions to real problems.

We support those nurturing the growth of the global blockchain developer eco-system. We are especially passionate about the global South, as we believe this is where this technology has the most potential for the greatest positive impact.

Let's Empower.

Users of the Cardano blockchain can support projects safely by staking to their pools.

Problem? Expensive and complicated processes to claim rewards

Solution: - an easy-to-use reward-claiming platform, powered by Drasil



Problem? The native tokens of the Cardano blockchain are too volatile for real-world use and mainstream adoption

Solution: - a stable-coin 100% 1:1 backed by US dollars ($) with easy on/off-ramps

Blockchain solution powered by Drasil


(In Production)

Problem? Difficult for new or independent film-makers to raise funds, keep control and earn fair return on their projects

Solution: a platform to empower producers and enable new investors to support them

Blockchain solution powered by Drasil


(In Production)

Blockchain: Updating The Operating System


A Better System

The 20th Century way of doing things got us someway but most people on the planet have been poorly served by conventional institutions, most especially in the global South. It is time to embrace technology that can leverage some of the downsides of over-centralization.


Economic Opportunity

Applications ranging from DeFi (Decentralised Finance) to DIDs (Decentralised Digital Identities) promise to unlock new economic opportunities for millions. People are having great ideas for how individuals will be able to benefit from full control over how they exploit their own assets, talents, efforts and ideas on an equal playing field with the whole world. Further, a new generation of innovators will be able to take advantage of the efficiencies gained when they can use trustless systems to skip the middle-man.


Decentralisation & Empowerment

Usually local communities themselves are the best suited to make the final decisions over the design of the solutions to their problems and should exercise ultimate control over their implementation. Decentralised public ledgers and related technologies give us the tools to make this possible in ways previously thought impossible.

Economic Inclusion

Public blockchains can help solve for lost trust, with their key properties of transparency and security guarantees, and hitherto excluded individuals and communities can be brought into the global economy for the first time. It's already started happening: Africa has the fastest rate of crypto adoption growth in the world (1200% in 2021), with an astonishing 95% from retail and peer-to-peer use. The future hasn't arrived, but it's knocking.


A Vision For Africa (Charles Hoskinson - CEO @ IOG )

We are a ̶t̶e̶c̶h̶n̶o̶l̶o̶g̶y̶ people company

Technology should serve humanity, not the other way round

Let's Build Things That Matter.

Training the next generation of engineers

We're piloting a program to source and train specialist blockchain engineers based primarily in Africa and the Global South

Let's Change The Script.

The Time Is Now.


Time to invest in Africa and South America

These continents have the most to gain from technologies which enable individual agency and inclusion while solving issues of transparency and lack of trust in conventional institutions. At Drasil, we are dedicated to investing in talent and supporting innovators and businesses from developing regions of the world to maximise impact and adoption.  In the 21st century - we need new voices at the table: the future should be owned and narrated by everyone. 


Time for Cardano

Cardano has proven to be one of the most robust and secure blockchains, essential properties for a new foundational layer holding billions in value.  It enjoys a large, diverse, engaged community, and - crucially - there is huge early interest and investment in Africa and South America, which aligns with one of our central goals of engaging these continents fully in this technological revolution.


And other chains too

Our goal is to bring the benefits of liberating new technologies to the world. We believe the future of blockchain is multi-chain and look forward to expanding into exploring other exciting and pioneering eco-systems such as Cosmos, Ergo, Polkadot, Algorand, NEAR and others in the future.

The future is too important to leave to Silicon Valley

Let's Empower The World.


Technology Consultant, Mathematician, Developer Advocate
Years of experience advising and teaching about tech to companies, public agencies, organisations, NGOs, artists and entrepreneurs all over the world.
Cares deeply about the intersection between humanity and tech, and has also delivered talks and workshops on behalf of technology education companies such as Decoded and Mind Over Tech.

Doesn't like scary dogs, but loves wild cats*.

Likes metal.

*from the sensible vantage point of behind a screen at least ;)

Lead Blockchain Engineer, Systems Architect, Software Developer

Experienced blockchain developer and engineer specialising on Cardano

Formerly at Fraunhofer IML (Dortmund) working on digital ledger technologies, Key Account Manager at Cross Control AB and Lead Engineer at Erus GmbH.

The architectural solution that grew to become "Drasil-Core" was his brain-child, developed in response to noticing the desperate lack of adequate tooling holding developers back.

Loves his dog.

Also likes metal.

Head Panther (CEO)
Chief Technical Officer

Associates & Core Team



Talent Acquisition & Development

Founder of Web3 Talent (Berlin) and Tomorrow Seeds

Sebastien Gier
Managing Creative Director @ FastForward Co-Founder @ Footprint
Plutus Pioneer
Plutus Pioneer
Christopher Fox

Founder @ Syncresis (Genius X Advisor)


System & Cloud Engineer

Founder of Zartu Games

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