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A New Opportunity

With greater trust, transparency, autonomy and independence, solutions can be found to some of the world's most challenging problems. The arrival of public blockchains, a distributed ledger technology, offers a great new opportunity for global inclusion and innovation, particularly for those living in the most disadvantaged regions of the world.We believe this century needs to be a vast improvement over the last. Our mission is to help ensure it is, by empowering innovators and developers to be able to harness these technologies effectively to create useful, transformative applications which can change the world.

Go Build The Future

We have built a powerful Blockchain Application Framework that makes it much easier to develop and manage a growing range of applications. The idea is that the framework handles all the difficult blockchain stuff, leaving innovators and developers to concentrate just on their great ideas to improve the world.A hosted Beta version of the framework is already working on Cardano mainnet! It is being used by our first carefully selected partners as a working MVP/Proof-Of-Concept, including fully functioning versions of the first applications (Token Minting, Token Reward & Distribution, NFT Marketplace). Without the need for deep understanding of Cardano's complicated chain operations, our clients are able to make fully featured applications.For an early example of what is already possible, check out SmartClaimz.io, created by Freeloaderz and powered by Drasil.


Drasil is proud to be part of the Genius X Accelerator Program.

We Believe In Africa.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for huge change. The African continent holds both the youngest, most vibrant population in the world, and the highest adoption rate of blockchain technology (over 1200% in 2021). Unlike elsewhere, this phenomenal growth has little to do with speculation and hype, but is instead fuelled by real use cases which are already dramatically changing lives and creating unprecedented new opportunities for millions of people.One of our key missions is to support the growth and adoption of technologies which enable trust, transparency and independence as a roadmap to future prosperity. We believe in the immense potential of this beautiful continent and the global South in general. In line with this, we pro-actively support, nurture and engage with African talent and African innovators. We aim to train, utilise and partner with new African talent and work with projects in the region to maximise local impact. Our goal is to empower the people and enable innovation: to arm them with greater tools, knowledge and expertise to fuel adoption and investment, leading to even greater futures.If you share in our ambitious mission to kickstart a new prosperous century that is different to the last, we would be interested in talking to you.We believe in Africa.


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Building on Cardano (first)

Given that there are a number of excellent blockchain projects, why did we start on Cardano? Well, the short answer is: we had to start somewhere. This chain is an excellent choice.First, in contrast to other chains on which billions of dollars of value has already been lost (stolen), Cardano has taken a mature, patient, scientific peer-reviewed research-led approach, giving us the confidence that it is resilient and trustworthy. This is a necessary property for building the foundations of a new global financial and technological system on which billions may come to depend.In addition, Cardano is environmentally-friendly and has a huge, engaged, diverse and growing community which is truly global, including vital investment and engagement with Africa, South America and other emerging parts of the world. On the other hand, its unique architecture is also challenging and nascent, with tooling, frameworks, documentation and infrastructure barely existent. Drasil plans to give back to the Cardano community by contributing to and supporting the development of open-source tooling and libraries that will enrich the eco-system.Our main goal is to bring the benefits of this technology to the world. We believe the future is multi-chain and look forward to expanding into exploring other exciting and pioneering eco-systems such as Ergo, Polkadot, Algorand, Cosmos, NEAR and others in the future.

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